Jon’s Top 10

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Steps for a beginning Artist

1. Make your art. 2. Make your art for you. [. . .]

Practice Makes

…whatever is practiced more natural. Let’s be clear: practicing in the wrong way will only reinforce a muscle memory that is wrong, and will result in your performing in the wrong way. [. . .]

Even if you fail

…you’re further down the road than someone who never started. [. . .]

The Pendulum Swings

…between two points – hard left and hard right. But the pendulum spends more time in the middle than at the two poles. [. . .]

How to get noticed

1. Create. Do, fail, do, do, fail, fail, fail, do and do again. Eventually (and that’s the key part), they’ll see your work. [. . .]

A herd of cats

You can herd cats all day long, but what are you going to do with a herd of cats when the sun goes down? [. . .]

A glorified soap

In decades past, facial scrubs existed for women. Campaigns were designed around targeting this product to a very specific population [. . .]

When should I start?

Soon is good. Later is bad. [. . .]

If I gave you $100

…what would you turn it into? Could you make it into $1,000? $100,000? A million? [. . .]

I don’t have time

…is an excuse. You do have time. You just choose not to make the most of it. [. . .]