Preparation meets opportunity (again and again)

Zig taught us years ago that success is when preparation meets opportunity. Often times, we think it will look like this… Try for anything—a new job, your first book, riding a bike, losing weight, learning to code—and you’ll quickly learn the Single Intersection Theory is dead wrong. Almost anything we attempt will look far more … Read more

Decisions and choices

We spend our days making decisions. What shoes to wear, when to walk the dog, where to eat, do I want another cup of coffee? Granted, many of these are decisions we must make—you’ve got to wear *something*. But I wonder what would happen if we stopped considering the all options in a decision as viable and … Read more

Why I ‘soft-balled’ the Starr interview

Earlier this week, I got the chance to sit down with Judge Ken Starr. The story went up and I was proud of the work and the team that came together to pull this off. Then I got some emails, texts, phone calls and even some in-person comments about the interview. In effect, these people said: You … Read more

The web of business

In the midst of the 2012 campaign season, the president made a statement about legacies, business and community.  To successful business owners, the president noted: "You didn't build that." He's right. You didn't. We did. Sure, you put in a lot — I mean, a lot — of hard work. But who buys from you, … Read more

Everything is a story…

…so we should do everything with specific intention. OK. Not everything. You don't need a master plan for laundry night. But story is a far bigger part of my life and your life than ever before. From the way we answer (or don't answer) the phone to the signature in an email. Anyone interacting with … Read more

Pins, points and pizza

When we're selling — and we're always selling — it's tempting to take the easy route. To not make a remarkable product and, instead, make a marketable product. To bend to consumer whims. To think social media, TV or a Yellow Pages ad will do the job in our place. And the sad thing is: … Read more

Personally connecting

Alison Broadhead, Jumeirah Group's CCO, told Harvard Business Review the hotel chain is focussed to "stay different." They're carving each location around the specific city it's in. For a stay in Rome, you'll be renting space in a historic building blending the old with modern comfort. But in Port Soller, it's all about the beach … Read more

Provoking with new face

I spend a lot of time talking and writing about diversity. I hate walking into a meeting, a class, a business where everyone looks like me. If I’m being honest, a large reason I push for diversity is because when everyone looks like me, I feel replaceable. But, more important, when everybody looks the same, comes … Read more

Leaving the factory

“I dedicate this song to the working man, for every man that puts in Eight or 10 hard hours a day of work and toil and sweat Always got somebody looking down his neck Tring to get more out of him than he really ought to have to put in” -Johnny Cash, “Oney“ This man in Johnny Cash’s famous … Read more

Doing ONE: Passion > money

Leonardo da Vinci said he felt predestined to figure out flight. His work — his obsession — produced journals upon journals and a plethora of inventive ideas to bring humans to the skies. Because that’s what kept him up at night. That was his ONE. Orville Wright’s first-grade teacher said she would catch him tinkering with … Read more